Seeing learning disability nurses in action inspired me to become a nurse 

Seeing learning disability nurses in action inspired me to become a nurse 

Lauretta is a student nurse specialising in learning disability. After giving birth to her son in 2012, he was diagnosed with a serious metabolic disease and sadly passed away in 2017. During his time, he was admitted to Great Ormond Street Hospital where he was looked after for a year. Lauretta said “My son’s condition became severe Autism, causing him to be completely non-verbal. The learning disability nurses on the ward were able to give my son a voice and help him to communicate.”

“Seeing first-hand the love, care and support that the learning disability nurses provided to both my son and my family, I felt inspired to become a learning disability nurse.”

She is extremely pleased and excited that she made the decision to become a nurse. She said “Having the chance to make a difference and giving people the support they need, is such an honour. I want to give people hope just like the learning disability nurses did for me and my family.

In times of despair you’re their shoulder to cry on and in times of joy and celebration, you’re there to spread the love and happiness.”

Nurses have the opportunity to specialise in a broad range of roles across all areas of the NHS, including: learning disabilities, mental health, and primary care to name a few.

If you’re interested in a career in nursing search nursing careers.

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