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Looking after the elderly - Culturally Sensitive Memory Cafe 21st Dec 2018 - Birmingham
Culturally Sensitive Memory Cafe - Birmingham - Pearl Support Network

Hi As a community we must look after our elderly (We're all going to get there at some stage) So Come and Join Us at the Pearl Support Flagship Culturally Sensitive Memory Cafe on 21 Sept 2018 Reminisce Social Club, Handsworth, Birmingham B19 1AG.

The Pearl Support Culturally Sensitive Memory Cafe where families, carers and care workers can bring elderly folks and those affected by dementia for a few hours of reminiscing. Every 3rd Friday of the Month from 11-1pm in Birmingham, next date is 21 Sept 2018. Also attend if you would like to run your own Culturally Sensitive Memory Cafe in your area. Look forward to seeing you.

Dementia is something that is really affecting the black community a lot more than any other community, but there is little support from a culturally sensitive perspective, we are addressing this by developing services and activities for people of African and Caribbean descent.

If you have been affected by Dementia in anyway either as a carer or a person living with Dementia then you are invited to join us at our Culturally Sensitive Memory Cafe, where you can meet and interact with people who maybe sharing similar experiences to yourself and join in with activities that anyone living with dementia can relate to.

This is a free service, all we ask is that you share this information with as many people as you can.

If you would like to get involved or setup a memory cafe in your local area then email for more information.

Please note: if you can't forward this email you can copy the link below and share on your social networks. Thank you :)

We would also like to thanks our supporters Tropical Sun, Legacy, The Reminisce Social Club and WOW.