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The Legacy Gala

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The Legacy Gala | Blacknet UK

Who are we?

We are a coalition of leading #blackorganisations that have come together with a view to celebrating and recognising excellence, investing in legacy that demonstrates ethical values, and provides on-going sustainability and support for the next generation of British black young leaders.

Our mission is simply to recognise excellence, often unacknowledged and invisible within mainstream Britain, and indeed in our own communities. Our aims are to on the one hand to celebrate and acknowledge the achievements of black professionals, volunteers and ordinary people who make a difference and on the other, invest in the next generation of young leaders.

In particular, we want to recognise the ethical leadership of many men and women who work tirelessly to advance the economic interests of the continent of Africa,  the Caribbean, and of course British, European and other global African African diasporas.

All profits raised will help support strategic development/capacity building of those individuals and organisations doing the work on the ground.

 As Britain faces economic uncertainty as it negotiates its leave from the European Union, we’re clear that young people, the next-generation leadership, requires on-going support, infrastructure capacity, investment and guidance in tackling the complex new Brexit trading arrangements, seeking to build economic relations with our countries of origin and developing entrepreneurial, education and personal development opportunities, advancing cultural partnerships and volunteering opportunities.


As African diaspora’s resident in Britain, looking forward to life after Brexit, we want to ensure that todays young leaders can access, expertise, global opportunities, guidance experience and wise counsel from professionals and elders within our communities, that will assist them in negotiating the difficult challenges and opportunities that Brexit offers. Our aim is simply to build upon the strong economic, cultural and political ties with the global African diaspora.

This is the essence of the Legacy Gala, building knowledge capacity, expertise and resilience for our future young leaders.

One of our most celebrated attributes is the fact that we are entirely self-funded and financially independent, utilising the philosophy of the great Marcus Garvey , we “do for self”. We intend to build our movement on the money we raise. We believe that to set an example of ethical leadership for the next generation, we must demonstrate financial independence and sustainability. We believe we have the money within our own communities to finance anything we need to do. Its all a matter of priorities.

#Britishblackyoung #diaspora #Caribbean #blackprofessional #cultural

December 09 2017


Chelsea Harbour Hotel

Chelsea Harbour
London,Chelsea Harbour, Hammersmith and Fulham, London, SW10 0XG, United KingdomUnited Kingdom


020 3564 5165

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