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Blacknet UK is the place where people discover Good Quality Events & Entertainment Est in 1997, this year sees us celebrating 20 years online, we got the audience you want, we got some great offers and we’ve got your back!

You can choose a single promotional campaign, build a custom promotional campaign or check out our regular Special Advertising Offers! And with just a couple of clicks you can book your campaign online.

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Email Campaign

Get your message across as a single and exclusive email shot to over 32,000 subscribers

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    Email Advertising Campaign



Claim a predominate spot in our weekly newsletter reaching out to over 32,000 Subscribers.

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    Newsletter Advertising Campaign



Make sure your event is stands out, your banner will be displayed through out Blacknet

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    Banner Advertising Campaign

    £60.00 £35.00

Featured Event

This is a great position located on the homepage of Blacknet, it’s the FIRST thing you SEE!! Your event will look great here.

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    Featured Advertised Event


Social Network Distribution

We have a strong network of distributors on Social Media to build awareness, a great option to start the ball rolling.

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    Social Network Distribution


Google Optimised

Optimising your event page will help your visibility significantly and bring in new audiences.

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    Google Optimisation