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Would you like to participate in some web-based research looking at the relation between racism and mental health. If so please go to: Your support would be most appreciated
As some of you know, we are looking at the psychological effect of racism to try and understand the relation between race-related incidents and mental health in black people of African, Caribbean and mixed race descent. We have designed some web-based questionnaires to facilitate this process.

So far, we have found that it is not simply racism experienced as a member of an ethnic group, but other people’s evaluations of the black physical body that are important. However, such experiences do not have a universal effect on all Black people. We would like to understand how this finding better. All those who want to participate have to do is go to:

The findings will be used to improve the mental health and treatment of Black, and other minority ethnic people in the UK in general
Please forward this invitation on to anybody else who might be interested on your emailing list?

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