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Gadgets Sat Navs Navman F20

Navman F20 Navman F20 Featured Hot

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Navman F20

Bright Screen and viewable, Gas Button, Many Features, Voice Commands, Very Quick and Reliable Satellite, Re-route

As said in the review the POI's are outdated or not there. Customer Service from NAVMAN.

Full user opinion
This is my first GPS system that I bought about 4 days ago. After doing months of research and going store to store I found the NAVMAN F20. The NAVMAN F20 is really simple to set up... You turn it on, you go past a few screens asking about basic questions such as language, State, Time, and if you would like a Female or Male voice directing you and you can go… no need to install maps from your computer since everything is already pre-installed in the GPS. Very easy. Then it was time for me to take it for a test run. I went from my house to the local mall. It gave me an advanced notice before the turn and at the turn. (It does not tell you to turn on a certain street such as Oak Lane... instead it says just "Turn Right") This was not a major problem at all. The screen is also a great thing to glimpse at with different options of viewing your route ranging from route summary and 3D View. On purpose I drove off the scheduled course and it directed me another way in less than 5 seconds. From there I wanted to go to another major retail store that was about five minutes away. The only problem was that the store was built within the past year so it did not have it on the GPS POIs or the address. But again if you just go to Places Of Interest from the main screen looking up any store is a breeze.(You can also get the phone number of the place for most stores, not houses though.) I had no problem what so ever with the ladies voice being too low as said in the CNET review. I believe I got a great deal and I would suggest this GPS to any one who wants a great GPS that performs among the top competitors at a fraction of the price. The affordable, compact Navman F20 provides accurate directions and is easy to use. The unit includes maps of North America and a points-of-interest (POI) database.

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