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Rand McNally GPS Navigator

Route calculation is super fast, there is no loss of signal like my Garmin unit and destination entry is a breeze.

I'm not crazy about the color scheme of the display but the unit performance more than compensates for that.

Full user opinion
This is a great little unit. Once I started using the unit as a tool and not a new toy, I discovered that the features that were important to me day to day were that I needed to quickly enter destination information and then rely on the unit to get me there...and it did!

As I make 3-5 planned stops a day, the planning a trip is a great feature - I spend a couple of minutes punching in my destinations and then I'm done entering for the day. If I have an unexpected stop there is an interim destination feature that lets me add a destination on the way.

The display is sharp and clear with uncluttered information. I'm able to tell a customer what time I'm going to aririve or how long it will take me to get there without having to press any buttons!

I've also found that signal reception is excellent - I would lose signal at least once a day with my Garmin unit, I haven't lost it once with this one!

I will be purchasing at least one more of the Rand McNally units for my service technician who's either trying to read a map while driving or parked on the roadside. (You also get a free handy reference map just in case you can't break the habit)

All in all, this is a simple and easy to use unit that is reliable and accurate. It's everything that I needed! The Rand McNally GPS Navigator comes with maps preloaded on an SD card and includes preprogrammed trips with staff-recommended attractions. The unit also provides accurate directions and has a built-in MP3 player.

by sdharam

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