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Egypt: Millions Celebrate Revolution Anniversary Hot

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Egypt State Information Service (Cairo)

26 January 2012

Millions of Egyptians celebrated on Wednesday 25/1/2012 the first anniversary of January 25th revolution in numerous squares in the Egyptian cities.

Citizens called on the people's assembly to shoulder its responsibilities and work for achieving the demands of the revolution.

In Suez thousands of people went to wards "El Arbe'en Square" to stage a march, demanding retribution for the martyrs.

In Upper Egypt, hundreds are celebrating the first anniversary of the revolution in the main squares of Luxor and Qena.

In the governorate of Fayoum, hundreds of protesters marched through the streets carrying symbolic coffins to honour the revolution's martyrs. The protesters chanted against the military council.

In Alexandria, Suez, Ismaelia and different provincial governorates, demonstrators carried coffins and called for retaliating the martyrs, achieving social justice, fixing a Minimum and maximum wage, and handing over power to a civilian authority.

In North Sinai, 300 people blocked the road between the cities of Rafah and Sheikh Zuwaid, set fire to car tires, and prevented vehicles from reaching the port of Rafah. They demanded compensation for martyrs' families.

In Qalyubiya, hundreds of activists from revolutionary groups and coalitions staged protests in public squares and urged citizens to go to Tahrir Square.

In Minya, the April 6 Youth Movement and the 25 January Revolutionary Youth Coalition staged a demonstration in which hundreds participated. They called for the formation of revolutionary courts to punish those who killed demonstrators.

In Luxor, hundreds of revolutionary youth gathered at Abu al-Hajaj square in commemoration of the revolution. They raised banners reading, "Where is the right of the martyr?"

In New Valley, a number of activists protested at Basateen Square in the city of Kharga. They handed out a statement calling for the achievement of the revolution's goals.

In Sharqiya Governorate, about 1,000 members of the April 6 Youth Movement and the National Assembly for Change gathered in Ahmed Orabi Square in the city of Zagazig.

Demonstrations were also held in Damietta, Gharbiya, Kafr el-Sheikh, Beheira, Monufiya and Aswan, where thousands demanded justice for martyrs.

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