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London & South England London & South England 'Gang rape of 17-yr-old was filmed'

'Gang rape of 17-yr-old was filmed' Hot

A TEENAGE girl was gang-raped by four men who took videos of her ordeal on a mobile phone,a court heard.

The 17-year-old was attacked after being lured to a flat where the rapists were lying in wait, it is claimed. They used the same ploy to prey on another 18-year-old woman two days later, Inner London Crown Court heard on Tuesday. The 17-year-old, who cannot be named, sobbed as she described how friend Idris Adeokun, 21, known as Jermaine,called her that day wanting to meet up.He picked her up in a car before taking her to his cousin Emmanuel Garrick's home in Tessa Sanderson Place, Clapham, where four men were waiting.

She said: "He [Jermaine] said he wanted to have sex with me. I said, 'No, I've got a boyfriend and I'm happy'. He said I didn't have a choice. I told him I wanted to go home."

The teenager described how she was then raped by all five men and filmed until she managed to escape and call police.Jurors heard that two days later three of the gang lured another 18-year-old to the flat after offering to help with her CV.She was then raped by Adokun and Garrick before fleeing the flat, it is claimed.

Garrick, of Tessa Sanderson Place, Clapham, and Adeokun, of Crownstone Road, Brixton, each deny four counts of rape.

James Olamrewaju, of Saltoun Road, Brixton, and Jayce Baptiste,19, of Crownstone Road, Brixton, each deny three counts of rape.

Garrick and Adeokun deny two counts of false imprisonment.

Olamrewaju and Baptiste deny one charge of false imprisonment.

The trial continues.


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