How many Slaves?
Ukasaw Gronniosaw Took the name James Albert when he arrived in England.  He was originally from Borneo in Nigeria.  His mother was the eldest daughter of the king of Zara. Stolen at the age of 15 and was taken overseas and sold several times.  Eventually he ended up in the service of  a minister, who, on his deathbed, gave Gronniosaw his freedom and left him 10 pounds.

He stayed on with his masters family until their deaths.  He then joined a privatising expedition, but after being cheated of his share of the prize money he let to serve a wine merchant.  He enlisted in the 28th foot in the British Army  where he served in Cuba and Martinique.

He came to England in 1762.  Here too, he was cheated out of money, 19 guineas by his landlady.  He was shocked- that the people of a Christian country could be so dishonest. He moved to London and married a poor English woman named Betty.  Throughout their lives together they lived in poverty.

It seems that during this time he was writing his memoirs and they appeared as the narrative of James Albert Ukawsaw Gronniosaw an African Prince.  The book was written in the later years of his life, and after its publication nothing more is known of his life.

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