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Tuesday, 06 March 2012
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Black Men In The Community (BMITC) has been established as a response to the current and deteriorating climate of austerity and the disproportionate impact it is having on Black men. We are a genuine partnership of organisations, networks and individuals who recognise the importance of forging sustainable and effective partnerships. We see ‘taking meaningful action’ and being ‘solution focused’ as key to improving the life chances and aspirations of Black men in the United Kingdom. Our mission is to provide high calibre leadership and specialist support that will lead to the development of sustainable partnerships between new and existing Black led groups as part of a broader response to the immense financial opportunities and challenges facing Black men and their families in the UK. In so doing, we will: Champion and promote the involvement of Black men as leaders and active participants within their families and communities. Ensure sons and fathers receive the support and recognition they deserve in order to play a meaningful part in family and community life. Play a lead role in enabling Black communities to develop the hard and soft skills needed to come together and successfully bid for contracts to deliver vital services within their communities. Provide clear guidance for Black men – particularly fathers, regarding the roles and responsibilities they need to play within the community and to convey this information through a range of community training and information campaigns. Challenge unemployment amongst Black men through a process of entrepreneurialisation – and encourage fresh approaches to enterprise, training and education within the family and community. Develop meaningful relationships with the ‘commercial sector’ and provide a link with grass roots organisations and large third sector providers intending to compete for contracts to deliver services previously managed by the public sector. Develop meaningful relationships with public sector bodies to ensure that their policies and services ensure equality of opportunity for Black men; and that through their public service duty, challenge negative perceptions of Black men. Establish consortia aimed at successfully attracting finances and resources for the delivery of community-led provisions that enhance the social and economic needs of Black men, in particular in the areas of education, housing, leisure, employment, health and social care. Facilitate an annual, high profile, Black Men in the Community Convention designed to foster enterprise, partnership, community involvement and community leadership.
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