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What's On 'Welcome to Rocksburg' at HARROW ARTS CENTRE

'Welcome to Rocksburg' at HARROW ARTS CENTRE 'Welcome to Rocksburg' at  HARROW ARTS CENTRE Hot

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'Welcome to Rocksburg' at  HARROW ARTS CENTRE


Uxbridge Road, HATCH END
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£15/£12 concs
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Welcome to Rocksburg is a fictional ‘action play’ based on a Township comic/graphic novel told in the tradition of Hollywood movies with a powerful ‘Beauty and the Beast’ type love story at its core. Set in a South African mining town called Rocksburg, it follows the story of a cash-in-transit heist – of the criminals who carry it out, the cops who investigate them and the community they all live in. It has been described by the Tonight Newspaper of South Africa as ‘’Breaking boundaries and on the track to becoming a theatrical masterpiece’’

Welcome to Rocksburg will be held at Harrow Arts Centre on Thursday 7 October, from 8 pm. Tickets are priced at £15/£12 for concessions and can be booked online at or in person at the Box Office or calling the Box Office on 020 8416 8989.

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