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Caribbean News Guyana News Update AFC must honour its pledge to Diaspora Guyanese

AFC must honour its pledge to Diaspora Guyanese Hot

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During the election campaign, the AFC said it would appoint four Guyanese from the Diaspora as its M.Ps.  The party campaigned on that pledge. I and other Diaspora Guyanese are still waiting for the party to make these appointments.
There are several competent overseas-based Guyanese who supported and were affiliated with the party.  Most of the party’s funding for the campaign came from the Diaspora. These individuals are still waiting for their appointments as M.Ps to make their contributions to the nation.
The party won seven seats. It has disappointed those of us in the Diaspora who expected the party to fulfill its campaign pledge.  If the party can’t honur this commitment, how can we expect it to honour other pledges?
It is not too late for the party to honour its commitment.  All the AFC has to do is request four of its M.Ps to resign and appoint four of us from the Diaspora and all will be well.  Otherwise, the AFC will give the impression it is no different from the other parties that make false promises to win votes and then abandon its supporters.
Vishnu Bisram


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