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Caribbean News Guyana News Update Chinese Construction Company places bid for Amaila Falls road

Chinese Construction Company places bid for Amaila Falls road Hot

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Under the Ministry of Public Works, three bids were submitted yesterday for the Amaila Falls road and transmission line clearing project (Section Seven) – Kuribrong River Bank to Amaila Falls Approach- at the National Procurement and Tender Administration Board (NPTAB).
Sithe Global, the developers of the Amaila Falls Hydropower Project, had chosen the China Railway First Group Company Limited to build the hydro plant in northwestern Guyana. This same contractor has also now placed a bid for a section of the road leading to Amaila Falls. This section involves virgin forest and is deemed the most challenging aspect of the road.
With an engineer’s estimate of $979,491,800 which was submitted by SRKN’gineering Consultants, the bids are as follows:

                            Bidder                     Amount China Railway First Group Company Limited           $2,435,077,722.91 In a Joint venture – B&J Civil Works in collaboration with Ivor Allen Construction and  Dynamic Engineering Company Ltd           $2,059,413,700 Hassan N. Pasha              $837,367,013

The Amaila Falls Hydropower project is being vigorously pursued by the administration on the basis that it would significantly reduce Guyana’s US$350M fuel import bill and minimise the impact of fuel price movement on the cost of generating power.

The project which has the capacity to provide over 140 megawatts of electricity is to be located along the Kuribrong River in Potaro, Region Eight.

The contract awarded to Makeshwar ‘Fip’ Motilall of Synergy Holdings Ltd was terminated by government in January after months of delays.

Since Motilall’s US$15.4M contract was terminated, for failure to honour one of the terms of a completion agreement, Toolsie Persaud Quarries Inc. was awarded the contract to build the Kurupukari junction and it also holds the contract for section four. The project, which will now be executed in lots, will see other contractors being recruited.

Section five has been allocated to Ivor Allen, while section six is yet to be allocated.

Meanwhile, under the Guyana Revenue Authority (GRA), the NPTAB received six bids for the completion and modification of the CLICO building, Camp Street, Georgetown.

The engineer’s estimate is $253,997,117 and the bids:

                          Bidder                  Amount      G. Bovell Construction Services             $213,004,132      Andrew Howard Construction Services             $220,599,302      Pacific Service System             $424,849,865 Cummings Contracting & Construction Services             $180,179,297     Aura Engineering Company             $215,112,370      Cummings Electrical Company Ltd             $227,157,135














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